Now that Ljómalind  is more than 5 years,  it is beginning to take changes.

Some things do not change though. All of our products are made in West Iceland and we have never use plastic bags.  We do not like packaging for our products, unless it it absolutely necessary, and in most cases not plastic but paper or cellophane. We are doing our best to protect the environment, at least not harm it, and we know that many little things count.  We try to leave as little carbon footprint as possible, so we only sell things that are made near us and we encourage people to do their shopping close by, then you not only lower your footprint you also support the locals.

Ljómalind is in charge of a certified kitchen, which we set up with SSV. In this kitchen which name is Matarlind, people can develop  food, or produce food already developed. Many people have used this kitchen and it is obvious that many ideas are running around in the locals.

We are also opening an online store, we think it is better for the customer to be able to order online. These days more and more people are buying their stuff on the internet and we felt that we should follow up. We will be able to send all over the world as well as nationally.

Now that Christmas is creeping up on us, we are getting in store many Christmas stuff, such as decorations, coffee/chocolate cups and “laufabrauð” plates. We encourage you to come by, we will be happy to see you.