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Now the summer is coming, the day it getting longer and the plants are waking up after the long and cold winter months. We have a full store of goods, beef, sausages, ice cream, jams and fish. Also gifts for all occasions We will be happy to see you

We made a mistake regarding the postage, which was way to high. We are fixing the problem and the postage cost is correct as of now. The postage only covers the fee we have to pay for postage and the envelope/box at the post office. We do not charge anything for handling. We already have […]

Now that Ljómalind  is more than 5 years,  it is beginning to take changes. Some things do not change though. All of our products are made in West Iceland and we have never use plastic bags.  We do not like packaging for our products, unless it it absolutely necessary, and in most cases not plastic […]