Um Ljómalind

Ljómalind is a local farmers market. All the goods for sale here are made by the locals. Just about 70 of them are selling their goods here. All the delicacies are straight from the farm, or the sea. Most of the products, food and other, are only available at the producers and at Ljómalind.

Ljómalind is owned by a few individuals that also sell their products at the store. The beginning was in May 2013 when a few women came together and started the store. Since then it has moved and some changes have been made. Never the less, our goal is to sell top quality food, arts and crafts made by the locals here in West Iceland.

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Rabarbarasaft með skemmtilegu tvisti, glænýr kúrbítur, nýr fiskur. Opið alla daga á milli 10 og 18 verið velkomin :) Rubarb concentrate with a fun twist, fresh local squash and fresh fish. Open every day 10 to 18. Welcome :) #Ljómalind #westiceland #borgarnes #borgarbyggð #localmarket #freshvegetables #freshfish #gourmet

Nýtt kryddbrauð, ilmar dásamlega. Freshly baked spiced bread, smells wonderfully. #Ljómalind #borgarnes #beintfrábónda #beintfrábýli #westiceland #borgarbyggð

Nýtt kryddbrauð - opið til 18. Freshly baked spiced bread - open until 18 #Ljómalind #borgarnes #delicacies #freshlybakedbread #freshlybakedbreads

Hún Gína okkar er búin að skipta um föt, hún klæðist alltaf ull. Enda erum við með fullt af fallegum ullarflíkum. Eigum einnig kjöt, fisk, grænmeti, osta, sultu og margt margt fleira. Opið alla daga milli 10 og 18. Verið velkomin. Our ms. Gína just changed her outfit but she only wears wool garments. No wonder, in our store we have lots of wool garments. Also mest, fish, vegetables, cheese, jams and much more. Ooen every day between 10 and 18. Welcome. #Ljómalind #westiceland #borgarbyggð #Borgarnes #designer #design

Minnum á að það er opið hjá okkur alla helgina. Nóg til af nauti á grillið. Opið til 18 alla daga. Open every day 10 - 18 welcome. #Ljómalind #westiceland #borgarbyggð #borgarnes #beintfrábónda #beintfrábýli @ Borgarnes